New Year. New Cyber Attacks.
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New Year. New Cyber Attacks.

As the new year rolls in, let's look at the cyber news that we missed over the holidays.

  • The Financial Post just revealed that Canada is one of the world's most popular hunting grounds for cyber crime. Here is the breakdown:
In Canada, the construction sector was the top ransomware target (93 victimized companies), followed by manufacturing (86). Finance (69 ransomware cases), healthcare (65), education (63), technology & IT (62), logistics & transportation (59), automotive (56), municipal services (52), and legal (49) were the 10 industries most targeted by ransomware gangs, according to Nordlocker, which analyzed 1,200 attacks.

My thoughts: I think as a nation, we were a bit late to the cyber security party. We only recently started taking action. So up until now, the hackers have been getting by no problem. It's no wonder they prefer Canada.

My thoughts: Christmas day!!!!??? Common.

  • In a recent article by Yahoo Finance, they reveal that one thing to look out for it cybercriminals "adapting." In other words, if you block them one way, they'll get you another way.

My thoughts: I agree that cybercriminals will adapt to no matter what is happening. However, we're all fed up of this "scare" tactic. Yeah, criminals will adapt but companies will be more prepared. As long as we're proactive, there's nothing to worry about.

My thoughts: No matter how much data you have, ALWAYS test your backup systems. Although there are no details on what exactly happened, I'm can almost guarantee that their backup system was extremely outdated and hadn't been touched in years.

My thoughts: We are going to see a lot more third party breaches. Be careful with who you work with.

My thoughts: This has dangerous ramifications. We're lucky no one exploited this flaw yet.