About Assurance IT

Who We Are

Assurance IT helps protect mid-market organizations become cyber resilient, by offering consultation and cyber security solutions. Since 2011, we’ve worked alongside dozens of Canadian businesses to build their business continuity plans.

By using Assurance IT’ PPR Methodology we assess the security vulnerabilities in your IT environment and make recommendations based on the results.

We implement the solutions and continue to act as an extended part of your team. We also help businesses in data privacy and governance as regulations evolve.

How We Do It

Assurance IT partners with innovative technology leaders to offer a wide range of business continuity solutions. Plus, our Canadian hosted and managed data centers use industry-leading software platforms to store and protect your organization’s precious data while offering easy and intuitive solutions.

Assurance IT’s PPR Methodology

Assurance IT's PPR Methodology (Prepare, Protect, Recover) is a tested framework that exposes the vulnerabilities in your IT environment. It’s a series of questions about:
New Cyber Security Solutions

The level of cyber security awareness across your organization.

Active Support Community

The level of protection you have against incoming threats


Your ability to restore all your data if your systems were compromised


Letter from The Founders

“There’s no hiding the fact that ransomware attacks, data breaches, and email hacks are on the rise. There’s this myth that only huge organizations with a huge cybersecurity budget could afford solid business continuity solutions.

Because another myth is that only large corporations get hacked. That couldn’t be further from the truth. At Assurance IT, we are reducing the barrier for midsized organizations to protect their data. And in the end, we want to bulletproof these mid-sized corporations from harm.”

John Doe
Mike Malan
Director of Operations
Dan Winchester
Network Engineer